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Jason Khalipa goes over the Shoulder Press, Push Press and Push Jerk

The 2013 2nd Fittest Man on Earth, Jason Khalipa, goes over the shoulder to overhead movements

Fixing the Split Jerk with Coach Burgener

Coach Burgener is a great coach and teacher. His instructions are always easy to follow and

CrossFit Handstand Walk Progression Part 2

Watch the Handstand Walk Progression Part 1 video first to get down the basics before watching

CrossFit Handstand Walk Progression Part 1

If you watched the CrossFit Games this year, you saw one of the last workouts included

How to do CrossFit Pistols

While watching one of the last workouts in 2013 CrossFit Games I noticed some of the

Mastering the CrossFit bar muscle-up

One of the first workouts in the 2013 CrossFit Games included bar muscle-ups. The movement was

Chris Spealler gives some efficiency tips for handstand pushups

Chris Spealler uses Matt Chan to show good handstand pushup positioning and hand placement. After positioning,

CrossFit Handstand Progressions

Handstand pushups are hard for beginners so it is good to know all the progressions of

Perfecting the CrossFit box jump

Here is a pretty lengthy video that goes over the box jump in detail. Some great

CrossFit front squat tips with Katie Hogan

This video goes over the bar positioning in the front squat and some tips to think